About Me

Who Am I?



I am Paula Marie,  creator of Sunshine Inspirations. Living, laughing, & loving is my thang!  I am determined not to let life's shenanigans drive me insane. I am here to encourage others to do the same. Here you will find that I like to share words of positivity, and even poetry from time to time. Poetry is how I organize the thoughts in my mind and plus I love to make words rhyme!  

My Community


As women, we sometimes suffer from low self-esteem & low self-confidence. It's not surprising, nor is it shameful. It's actually understandable, because we as women are often so busy caring for and trying to impress others, that we lose sight of ourselves. In actuality, some of us grow up as little girls, never truly becoming self aware, and thus we lack self-confidence as adults. This is a place for us to come to share, be encouraged, & be inspired. 

Join My Journey


My journey to being self-aware, self-confident, and self-loving is not mine alone. I realize that,  just like I carried a heavy load in order to get here to this place of self-worth, other women, young girls & teenagers, are also struggling along the way. You are invited to join me here on this continuous journey of self-awareness, self-recognition and positive self-esteem. Follow the blogs, comment, share, ask questions, etc. I am here. You are not alone, we walk the same path together.