I don't own the rights to this video, but I have the Right to sit at His feet and so do you!!

Message for the Music




Dear God

I will stay right here at your feet forever-at your feet to worship you. I’m sorry I’ve been asking you to stay with me when you are instead beckoning me to stay with you. It is not you that has left me, but I have left you. You promised to never leave me or forsake me and you truly have not. Yet, when I feel like you have, you are urging me to understand that it is I who has left your presence-left your place of protection, comfort, and peace. So today, I am reminded to get back to ‘here’—here at your feet (the place of worship) is where I am protected and comforted. When life appears to be suffocating me, I need to come out from under the covers and breathe your fresh air. When I am allowing myself to become overwhelmed and consumed with social media and other daily distractions, you gently remind me to come back here to your feet. At your feet is a place of focus, comfort, and peace. The sisters Mary and Martha(Luke 10:38-42) are perfect examples…Martha was like us modern day women (& men too), so consumed with doing (being busy)-doing every day stuff, checking & posting on  social media, seeing what everyone else is doing or saying, working & trying to prosper materially, while Mary is busy sitting at your feet savoring every precious moment with you, focusing on you (all you are and all you do, your splendor, your beauty, your greatness, your power, etc.), spending her time praising & worshipping you; realizing that nothing is more important than sitting at your feet with you, learning more about you, and yearning to become more like you. Lord, I repent. I come back to you to worship at your feet forever. No matter what the weather, I will sit at your feet. Through the storms, I will sit at your feet. Through the good times, I will sit at your feet. Through the disappointments, I will sit at your feet. Through the Joy, I will sit at your feet. Through the heartache, I will sit at your feet. Through the prosperous times, I will sit at your feet.  No matter what I go through, I won’t take my eyes off of you. It is my focus on you that will see me through. God I worship you. When I get distracted, I will refocus and return to your feet to worship you (give you glory and praise for your greatness & your goodness). When I don’t know what to do, I will put my eyes and my focus back on you.

If you are reading this and you are feeling overwhelmed with the cares and concerns of life. Or maybe life has dealt you a hand, you don’t know how to handle. Maybe you are going through a tough time or situation and you feel like you can’t make it. Maybe you are heartbroken or feeling let down. Whatever you may be going through, I encourage you to kneel at the feet of Jesus and begin to worship him. (And if by chance, you don’t believe, or your faith is not there, start where you are) Be like Mary, and let go of the burdens, troubles, worries, and concerns of the day and begin to focus solely on Jesus. Worship him despite what you are feeling or going through. I promise you, if you take your eyes off your situation and focus on Him, He will give you a peace that you can’t even comprehend.

Be encouraged today…kneel here (that/your place of worship, praise, peace, & comfort) forever. You can make it with a praise upon your lips and worship in your heart. I'm rooting for you!