Poetry Selections

Good Morning Sunrise

A new sunrise is the opening of a new day, a fresh start. Greet it with a smile & purpose to shine!

              Good Morning Sunrise

       I love the beauty in your eyes 

 And your strength that makes me rise.                                         Your warmth makes me tingle between my 

      thighs reminding me I am still alive. 

     Again, I say good morning Sunrise

It is no surprise that it is indeed you I see         

              when I open my eyes.

Your warm rays are a wonderful welcome to 

                        a new day.

                 Shine my love, shine

 You are a reminder that yesterday is left        


I am blessed that you shine my way.

            Good Morning Sunrise,

              Have a great day



                     @Paula Marie



The sun brilliantly emerges from behind                

                     the clouds.  

Its rays radiate my entire being and 

                saturate my soul.

Allowing me to leave all my worries

             and cares behind.

    Its radiance hypnotizes my mind

 and takes me on a journey that covers

                a span of time

   that contains my past, present, and 

                      my future.

I watch as it paints its own self   


Splattering hues of color in the most 

            unimaginable places.

Creating a scenery that captures and 

 accentuates its inner and outer 



                      @Paula Marie

Your Smile


S--Your smile is the sunlight that brightens

     my life throughout the day

M--Your smile is the moonlight that leads 

      my path by night

I--Your smile illuminates everything within     

    me that no one else can see

L--Your smile reveals true love and hidden


E--Your smile adds exuberance and 

     excitement to my entire life

                   @Paula Marie

Golden Time of Day

Listen carefully to the lyrics of Frankie Beverly's Infamous song,  "Golden Time of Day". I love it!

Not only is there a golden time of the day literally, but also there is a golden time of your life. However, just like the observance of the beautiful sunrise, sunset, and warm sun rays in between, you have to stop, recognize, observe, and absorb your golden time of day. Listen intently and think about it.

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